Flood Defence Airbricks 

We offer the best Flood Defence Airbricks on the market. 

The ‘SMART’ Airbrick® – Not just another brick in the wall! 
The innovative patented design acts essentially as a standard airbrick allowing unrestricted airflow underneath the property, yet under flood conditions uses the rising water to automatically shut off, inhibiting access through the airbricks and therefore flooding underneath the property. Unlike sand bags and covers no flood warning or pre flood intervention is required. 
The SMART Airbrick® achieved the BBA PPA No06/P001 and Kitemark PAS 1188-1:2009, requires no external power supply to operate and can be easily cleaned post flooding, providing protection 24/7 over and over again. Patent number GB 2397592 (A) 
Automatic/ Multi-Use Device 
Permanently fitted 
Prevents water passing through the airbrick 
Floatation valve to block passage of water before entry 
More efficient than flap type valves 
No mesh to restrict airflow which could cause damp and dry rot 
Straight replacement for a standard clay airbrick 
Easily fitted by any competent builder 
Only simple regular maintenance required – modular design so can be disassembled to clean post flood 
Compliant with BS 493:1995 – airbricks and gratings for co-ordinating size, impact testing and free airspace. (nominal 1800mm²) 
Very High Quality components and construction 
Proven to work in real floods and over 350 hours of independent tests with all types of representative flood fluids including wave and flow testing 
Achieved the BBA PPA No06/P001 
Kitemark licence number 584972 PAS 1188-1:2009 
Extremely effective and simple 
Hand made/ Individually tested 
Can be used over and over again 
Works independently from all household services. 
Energy saving feature at wind speeds in excess of 30mph 
Full back up replacement parts available 
For all enquiries on the SMART Airbrick® call 01422 311442 or email sales@floodsmartsystems.co.uk 
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