Flood Smart Systems are excited to announce that we are now the UK distributor for the JK House Protector. The House Protector is available for supply to the Flood Defence Installer Network, Local Authorities who may be intoducing flood resilience schemes across the UK for the Environment Agency, and to the general public. If you require information on the House Protector, please send an enquiry to sales@floodsmartsystems.co.uk and we can discuss your requirements, or alternatively call 01484 850812.  
Advantages of our JK House Protector 
The JK house protector, has been developed in a quick and easy way to provide a waterproof barrier. It is very useful in Heritage areas, where there may be restrictions for fixing to a property. 
The JK house protector is specifically designed to seal doorways and small garage doors up to 2500 mm. (Customized on request) Telescopic clamp required over 1500mm. 
The JK house protector is equipped with a designed ALU profile with its own specially designed EPDM gaskets. 
The JK House Protector can be installed without preparations and without tools or mounting hardware. 
Ready to use 
Mounted in a few seconds 
Anyone can install the JK house protector 
No tools required other than a measure. Laser measurment required. 
No drill holes 
No attachments to property 
No changes to property. Especially useful in Heritage areas. 
Seals against existing wall 
The house protector is lightweight and easy to handle and store 
A typical size of 100 × 50 cm, weighs about 11 kg. (Avg. Per m² = 22.7 kg) 
Tailored to customer needs (up to 2500 mm wide) 
Designed to last (anodized ALU profile) 
Performance thoroughly tested 
This universal foam rubber EPDM profile is very versatile. It is used for various applications. For example, if sealing of doors and partitions in the shipping industry and in the automotive industry as a seal of trunks and doors. It is mainly used to protect corners or as a finishing profile. Rubber blade profiles, also known as sponge rubber profiles, have an open structure which is surrounded by a closed skin. This kind of rubber products are soft which means that after tax moves the rubber blade profile well in its original form. This copy is made of EPDM quality and excellent UV and ozone resistant and not subject to extreme weather conditions. In addition, it has a high elasticity which makes the rubber highly resistant to tearing and perforation. It will go a long way and is therefore suitable for many purposes. 
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